12.12.2001 The Bike4Life team returns to Berlin

After more than 3,000k on the bike Björn and Konstantin finish the 2001 Bike4Life Project successfully.
The tour summary will be published on-line soon.

26.11.2001 Bike4Life high school presentation

The Bike4Life team visits the Laguna Blanca School in Santa Barbara, California and presents students the Bike4Life charity project.

24.11.2001 Bike4Life arrives at the Mexican border

The bike ride from Vancouver to Mexico has been finished successfully. The project will go on though.

05.11.2001 Bike4Life visits the inventors of the mountain bike

Bike4Life meets different inventors and designers of the original mountain bikes. Among them are Joe Breeze (Breezer Bikes), Gary Fisher (Fisher Bikes), Tom Ritchey (Ritchey Bikes) and Keith Bontrager (Bontrager bicycle components).

21.10.2001 Bike4Life cycled through Oregon

The Bike4Life team arrives in Crescent City in California.

10.10.2001 Bike4Life cycled through Washington

The Bike4Life team reaches Astoria in Oregon.

02.10.2001 Bike4Life crosses the US border

Björn Welter und Konstantin Henschen arrive in Seattle in Washington.

20.09.2001 Bike4Life Tour has started

The Bike4Life Team, Björn Welter und Konstantin Henschen, have started to raise money in Vancouver, British Columbia.

16.09.2001 Bike4Life Tour starts September 20

The Bike4Life Tour will begin on September 15 in Vancouver.

12.09.2001 Bike4Life Tour suspended

Due to the tragic incidents in New York the Bike4Life Tour will not start as planned. Bike4Life would like to express the deepest sympathy to those affected by the American atrocity. Our thoughts and prayers are with them at this time of immense sorrow.

02.09.2001 Bike4Life Tour starts September 15

The Bike4Life Tour will begin on September 15 in Vancouver, Canada at Steed Cycles.

30.08.2001 Steed Cycles is official bike sponsor for the Bike4Life charity ride

Steed Cycles in North Vancouver, Canada will be the official supplier of Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes for the Bike4Life Charity Tour 2001.

12.08.2001 Bike4Life route is being set

The official charity bike route will be set soon. The tour stages will be listed under "Route".

03.08.2001 Lance Armstrong Foundation - Official Partner

We are happy to announce that Bike4Life will officially raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The Lance Armstrong Foundation exists to help people manage and survive cancer.

02.08.2001 BOB Trailers - Official Sponsor

BOB Trailers is the official supplier of bicycle trailers for Bike4Life. Their sponsorship will give us the opportunity to carry our gear from Vancouver to Mexico.

30.07.2001 Roadshows in North America

On our tour from Vancouver to Mexico we are going to visit approximately 20 different mountain bike clubs. We will report on their projects and trail work as well as their favourite bike rides via classic and digital media. So everyone will see what mountain biking is like in different parts of the west coast.

29.07.2001 Social Marketing Tool

Bike4Life is going to become a unique event. It combines aspects of a charity bike ride with a tour guide for bicycle riders and event marketing for our sponsors.

28.07.2001 Take-off party in Berlin and Vancouver

Bike4Life plans to party in Vancouver before the beginning of the tour. Everyone is invited. Dates have not yet been set because we are still looking for a location. Any form of help or suggestions will be highly appreciated!

27.07.2001 IMBA - Official Partner

IMBA just confirmed that Bike4Life will be officially raising money for the International Mountain Bicycling Association. IMBA's mission is to promote mountain bicycling opportunities that are environmentally sound and socially responsible.

26.07.2001 Successful tradeshow - New partners and sponsors

Last week we attended the ISPO sports tradeshow in Munich, Germany where our concept received positive feedback from 30 potential sponsors including Polar, Camelback, Sigg, Biobase, Sixtus, Ortlieb, Adidas, Powerbar, Teva, Alpina, Gore Bike Wear and Tectory.

17.07.2001 Endorser - Councellor of Jamaica

Today Hermann Gerbaulet, Councellor of Jamaica in Berlin confirmed that he is going to endorse Bike4Life.

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